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The Anxiety Therapy Box has been mindfully curated to bring relaxation, grounding and distraction to anyone who lives with anxious feelings and thoughts. Each box contains; commonly used therapist tips and techniques; calming products and exclusive access to a resource list which has over 40 links to informative websites, apps and free self-help anxiety courses.


Ideal for anyone hoping to experience less worry and anxiety in their lives themselves or a thoughtful and supportive gift for a loved one.


What's Included?

Self-help exercises and psychoeducation, written by counsellors

QR code for downloadable resource list*

Mind & Mood Journal

Aromatherapy roller ball

Fidget cube

Adult Colouring Book

Colouring Pencils


“Calm” Teabag

Affirmation card


*The resource list includes book recommendations, phone apps, useful website links for organisations and free anxiety self-help courses.


Delivered in discreet packaging 

Anxiety Therapy Box

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