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This Self-Soothe box has been created to provide comfort, distraction and sensory stimulation for people who experience urges to self-harm. All of the items included in this Therapy Box have been carefully chosen and come provided with guidance on how to get the most use out of them.


Self-Soothe boxes are frequently recommended by mental health professionals, but we understand that it's not always easy to create your own from scratch, so we've put one together for you!


What's Included?

Self help exercises, written by counsellors

QR code for downloadable resource list*


Aromatherapy roller ball

Extremely sour sweets

Fidget cube

Red pen


Hand mask

Dark chocolate

Folder for storing your favourite photos


Delivered in discreet packaging


Vegan alternative available 


*The resource list includes website links to; support services and organisations; information for family and friends; informative and supportive YouTube videos; PDF Self Help workbooks and Apps.

Self Soothe Box - Self Harm Therapy Box

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